Our Story


Where It All Began..


Ultimate Living International, Inc. was founded in 1996 after our founder, Dee Simmons, survived her battle with cancer. After Dee recovered from her surgery, she began studying cancer, trying to determine who gets cancer, why they get it, and most importantly how can we prevent it. She began traveling the world, meeting with expert scientists and doctors to learn everything she could about the disease. Her daughter, D’Andra, accompanied her on much of this journey to discover the keys to remaining cancer free and healthy.


Armed with a wealth of knowledge and after years of helping friends and family with their illnesses and sharing advice and nutritional regimes, Dee decided to start Ultimate Living to reach out to the broader community. D’Andra joined Ultimate Living several years ago, and together they are dedicated to the mission at hand – sharing knowledge about the best ways to take charge of our health, improve our immune systems, rid our bodies of free radicals, and improve our overall wellness.


Our company, Ultimate Living, focuses on providing cutting-edge nutritional supplements and skin care products. Using the highest pharmaceutical standards, we combine the best of science and nature.