The difference between a Manufacturing (MFG) date and an Expiration (EXP) date.

Ultimate Living uses both Manufactured Dates (MFG) and Expiration Dates (EXP) in the production of our products.


A Manufactured Date (MFG) stamped or printed on the label is the date the product was produced at our lab and in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations.  Follow the directions on storing your products and they are will remain fully potent for two years from the manufactured (mfg) date.


The Expiration Date (EXP) stamped or printed on the label represents the last date a product should be taken or used. Storing your products properly will ensure that they remain fully potent up to the expiration (exp) date.


Ultimate Living has a 20+ year reputation for providing products manufactured with all Good Manufacturing Practices.



When should children stop taking the Multi-Vitamin 4 Kids with
Green Miracle and begin taking the Starter Health Pack, which includes Green Miracle, Aloe-Papaya, Ionic Trace Minerals, and the Multi-Vitamin?

Children should begin the Starter Health Pack around the time they enter puberty. The changes their bodies are undergoing during adolescence require more than the Multi-Vitamin 4 Kids with Green Miracle can provide. This is a crucial time in their lives, and they will benefit from the most complete nutritional program a parent can provide. This is especially important, since they may not be eating the best diet due to their age, pressure from peers, and overall lifestyle. If you start them off right at a young age and help them understand the importance of good nutrition, chances are they will continue this regimen for the rest of their life.

Give them the Green Miracle, Aloe-Papaya and Ionic Trace Minerals with two Multi-Vitamins at breakfast to start their day and again in the afternoon for a pick-me-up before studying. If you split up the dosage, they will receive the nutrition in a time-released manner. This will provide the maximum benefit. If your children have after school activities and cannot take the afternoon dose of Green Miracle, Aloe-Papaya and Ionic Trace Minerals, then send them off with two of the Multi-Vitamins and ask them to take them with lunch or an afternoon snack.


It sounds like a big request, but it just might be a way to encourage them to begin to take charge of their health. When they forget to take their vitamins and their energy wanes, you won't have to remind them any longer. They will be eager to take their vitamins to feel better! Ultimate Living has made it easy for you by breaking everything down into packs. The Ultimate Living Starter Health Pack is a great place to begin a lifetime of good habits.




Can I take Ultimate Living products if I am on medication?

Some physicians do question an abundance of green foods while their patients are taking Coumadin. Therefore, we always recommend that you check with your physician before starting any new supplement regime.  


How do you take Ultimate Living Green Miracle, Aloe-Papaya and Ionic Trace Minerals?

These nutritional supplements have been formulated to work together to maintain a healthy immune system. By taking them together, you can achieve the maximum benefits. As a dietary supplement, start with one scoop of Green Miracle daily mixed with one ounce of Aloe-Papaya, and 5-6 drops of Ionic Trace Minerals, then add water or an organic juice to achieve your preferred consistency. For optimum results, Ultimate Living recommends building up to three scoops of Green Miracle daily, mixed with one to two ounces of Aloe-Papaya, and 1/2 teaspoon of Ionic Trace Minerals.